Indian Made Handcrank Set

I am pleased to say I have limited stock of quality hand cranks and balance wheels manufactured in India

While still made from sheet metal, the winder arm has been formed into a shape which mirrors the cast metal ones on vintage cranks.

The decal is just a peal on sticker and easilly removed

Close up of Indian crank, showing the extra hole (lower down) to suit the boss on Pfaff machines.

Balance wheel comparison between the 750g Indian made and a mid 20th century Singer wheel.

Typically the Indian made balance wheel is about 100g heavier than the Singer, and being wider in profile, is not suitable to drop down cabinets.

I was concerned that the shallower pulley channel would be an issue, but I gave it a decent run on the 15M75 which I've converted to a treadle and it ran perfectly.
There is a potential issue with the running path for some bobbin winders (the winder on my 1960s 99K31 bumped against the spokes, but this did not appear to be an issue with the 15M or the early 1950s 99K13 (below).

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