Vintage & Antique Human Powered Vintage Sewing Machines

Sales of restored working machines, parts, manuals and free advice

All my vintage and antique sewing machines have been stripped, cleaned and fully serviced then worked for at least 20 hours before I am comfortable selling them.

Each treadle powered machine comes complete with a new oak tanned treadle belt, full service kit, a packet of needles, attachments and an appropriate manual.

Prices for my renovated machines range from $500 to $1200 for treadle powered machines, hand crank powered from $150.
You can view a small selection of past and present stock in various stages of restoration in my gallery.

If you need parts or advice on getting your machine sewing, first check out my ID pages, find the serial number if you can, examine the shuttle type then finally contact me when you have this information. I apologise, but I can't really give valuations and I generally prefer to buy sewing machines at open auction as I only know what I am willing to pay, and that way the seller can be reasonably assured a fair price has been paid even if they are disappointed.

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